Ant Pest Control For Yard

In summer, there doesn’t seem to be anything better than sitting out in your yard under the shade of a beautiful tree, watching the day pass. You could listen to the game on the radio, read a book or just enjoy a cold drink. However, yard pests are one sure fire way to cut your relaxation short. One of the worst is ants. Ants will invade your home looking for food but they can spread throughout your yard and take over wide swaths of it. If you want to rid your property of ants once and for all, contact an ant pest control expert in your area and see what they can do to rid your home of your ant problem. If you cannot wait for them to arrive, try these options and see if they help. Get the facts about  Ant Control

-Yard baits

Before you begin putting poison baits in your yard, it is important that you properly catalogue where ants are on your property. A common mistake for many is that they treat one location, say under a tree or by the driveway, and not the entire yard. Even this can be ineffective if the heart of the ant colony is off of your property. It is a good idea to speak with ant control professional so the full scope of the problem can be properly diagnosed.

-Treating mounds

If you have a large ant mound being built on your property, you may want to attack that one location before you move on to treating your entire yard. Remember, however, that treating a single mound will not rid your yard of ants, but it can lessen the problem. Generally, a single mound treatment will work faster than a full yard treatment, but it should not be seen as a final step. If you are not sure of the proper procedure for treating a large ant mound, you should contact an ant pest control company for assistance.


When it comes to a full, broadcast insecticide treatment for your lawn, you have several options. The most common is a liquid that is mixed with water and then sprayed very carefully over your entire property. The other option you have is to use a granular substance which you place evenly over your lawn like you were planting grass seed. While both kinds work but you should double check with an ant pest control company such as Hopper Environmental Services to verify that you are using the most effective option available.

You can take on an ant problem on your own, but for the most effective and fastest results it is best to contact the broad knowledge base a local pest and ant control company. They have all of the best tools available to rid your home of ants and other pests once and for all.