Nightbane Rogue-Facts

You may ask yourself why does anyone pay for world of Warcraft gold, are they crazy? If you search Google for the term “buy WoW gold” you will find more than 28 million results. The first page will have ten different sites on it, all selling gold for WoW, the second page will have the same. That means the first 20 result are for 20 different sites, all trying to sell you gold. The price will change from realm to realm, faction to faction, and of course – site to site. You can find that 1000 gold will cost you from 2 US dollars, to 50 US dollars. And that you can have it in your account in less than 20 minutes. You could say well, no one is crazy enough to buy WoW gold, but if this was truth – you will not see advertising for selling of Warcraft gold, right?

Let see…

If you look at the “Sponsored Links” on Google you can find more than a dozen different advertisements for selling and buying of WoW gold. No one is going to pay for advertisement if he doesn’t make a profit. If you go to WoW sites, big and small, you will see ads and banner as well.

So do people do buy WoW gold?

You can argue with the facts. Why will anyone pay for gold on WoW, when you can make and get free gold? No one can answer that. Perhaps they don’t know how to make gold fast enough, maybe they are too lazy. It does not change the fact that they are, and you don’t need to be the same. If you are going to spend real money, you can get a guide for making gold on WoW, you can find a free guide to WOW guides here. If you want a free course on how to make gold on WoW, and more, you can get this free course on WoW Don’t buy WoW gold, learn how to get it free.